Mother wolf: My offspring is the pack’s future. <3
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Guardian by Sandy Sisti
There are millions of people out there, but none of them are like you. You have your own characteristics and talents. You may sometimes not think that the world needs you, but it does. No one can speak with your voice, say your piece, smile your smile or shine your light. If you wouldn’t be here to shine your light, who knows how many travellers will lose their way as they try to pass by your empty place in the darkness? 💖 No one can take your place, for it’s yours alone to fill. 💖
"I think everybody’s weird. We should celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it." -Johnny Deep
Lonely in the middle of the crowd,The wolf feels so left out,Surviving the life she/he lives,Not one single emotion is what she/he gives,They don’t understand her/him,  Neither does she/he,All she/he wants..
Is just be free.
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Can you imagine a world without dreams? Dreams sometimes show us a place full of peace and happiness or may even confront us with our biggest fears.  
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I framed 3 of my wolf posters today. ^^ The one on top was a birthday gift and I have it for roughly 14 years now. :D I’m actually planning to frame 2 more posters to turn them into wall pictures. 🐾

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❤️ 🐾 If light is in your heart, you’ll always find your way home. 🐾 ❤️  
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Life is too short to miss the heavy rain pouring from the skies. A little bit of rain doesn’t hurt anyone. :)
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Nature is regulating itself, but of course humans have to intervene as much as possible and come up with idiotic laws that mess up the whole ecosystem! Every animal, tree and flower is here for a reason and has its place in a food web, which is the main circle that keeps everything intact on earth.
Image source: “Wolf Conservation Center”
Visit: Defenders of Wildlife for more information.
🐾 White WOLF Of The North 🐾
Arctic wolves are smaller than grey wolves. They also have smaller ears and shorter muzzles to retain body heat and have a thick white fur that not only keeps them warm, but also helps them camouflage in the snow while hunting. This natural coat allows them to sleep comfortably even when the temperature is freezing. They inhabit the Arctic region since thousands of years. However, the industrial development is threatening the wolves survival, as an increasing number of mines, oil drilling, roads and pipelines encroach on the wolf’s territory, and interrupt its food supply. Please stand for wolves and protect the Arctic region and its rich and beautiful biodiversity.
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By the way.. I hate trophy hunters, they just sitting in a comfy chair hidden in a blind, shooting at animals from a safe distance using a rifle with a telescopic scope, while the animal eats from the bait they put out for them. Oh yes, they do also call this a sport. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, these are cowards behind guns who have absolutely no regard to the responsibility required behind such a weapon. These are not people feeding their families. These are people whose minds are entrenched in entertainment and blind to the compassion required to appreciate life that does not need to end with this violence, or the consequences to a family who just lost their mother, father, sister or brother all for a game and nothing more. Also, hunters often come up with the excuse that they would save the elk and other prey population from predators, which is total nonsense. Why would a predator like a wolf destroy its own food source? Only humans are capable to wipe out an entire and essential species just because of the greed for money and pure selfishness.
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🐾🐾🐾 As we grow up, we realise it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones 🐾🐾🐾
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